Tip #2: As soon as you start to feel a little sick, take Emergen-C… but make sure you’ve eaten first.

Tylenol is good for pain and fever. It also helps calm the “edge” of plain old not feeling well. You can take every 4 hours. Advil is good for muscle soreness, inflammation, fever and pain. You can take every 4-6 hours. If you’re really sick, you can alternate Tylenol and Advil every 2-3 hours. Let’s […]

Tip #1: First and foremost, who you hang out with is your greatest access to success, fun and companionship.

Choosing people who share your values, make you feel good about yourself, push you to be better and around whom you feel you can be your best self is the most important thing. This is such an interesting dynamic because when you’re hanging out with people who are not necessarily “good for you,” you hardly […]

Personal Coaching Personal Coaching provides a platform for accountability whereby you make promises to take specific actions that lead to producing specific results.  Personal Coaching then becomes a collaborative effort where 1+1 does not equal 2, 1+1 equals possibility, or Beyond Ten! “Having a coach is like having someone who’s only job is to ask, […]

Meet Thea Sommer Thea is a world-class master coach and international leadership consultant with 30 years of experience as an Olympics-level trainer in the arena of human transformation.  She is the creator of Beyond Ten, a proprietary coaching methodology designed to empower her clients – individuals, couples, small organizations and large businesses – to create results beyond what they have been able […]