Tip #2: As soon as you start to feel a little sick, take Emergen-C… but make sure you’ve eaten first.

Tylenol is good for pain and fever. It also helps calm the “edge” of plain old not feeling well. You can take every 4 hours. Advil is good for muscle soreness, inflammation, fever and pain. You can take every 4-6 hours. If you’re really sick, you can alternate Tylenol and Advil every 2-3 hours.

Let’s just say that being in touch with your body is so very, very important. All of us have heard that we only have one body and that we must treat it as such. I know very, very, very few people who are living that way consistently – some for sure, but very few.What’s good for one body is not necessarily good for yours.  And yet we live in a society where we try to grasp on to the truth of what’s right and then we hold on so tight, we forget to keep exploring. How many times has the food pyramid changed, how many different ways over the decades have we been told the best way to have a baby sleep (on their back or bellies), how many different types of vitamins are there, who has the best one, etc, etc and etc.

Another aspect of this is the mind/body connection. Some are not quite sure that there is one, but I believe whole heartedly that we are holistic – you can’t really separate one aspect of yourself from another.  With that said, when we’re not feeling well in our body, one of the very best practices I know is to figure out what’s “bothering” us. Is there something happening that we’re worried about, nervous about, scared about, anxious about, angry about, frustrated about…you get the picture. Often when we recognize what that is, the physical symptoms we have start to get better.

So that little nugget about Tylenol and Advil…it’s just today’s thing. Many will swear by it and many against…so find your way.  But one thing I know for sure is that as far as I can tell, this really is the only body you’ve got this lifetime – and there’s no one who can take care of it the way you can.



Tip #1: First and foremost, who you hang out with is your greatest access to success, fun and companionship.

Choosing people who share your values, make you feel good about yourself, push you to be better and around whom you feel you can be your best self is the most important thing.

This is such an interesting dynamic because when you’re hanging out with people who are not necessarily “good for you,” you hardly ever realize it until you get connected to yourself…and either an inner voice or feeling or the circumstances themselves let you know this is just not right. So I suppose you have to be really in tune with yourself to recognize who “your people” are.

On the other hand, we can learn from everyone. And sometimes the people we would NEVER think to hang with are the very best for us. So, like most things, it requires listening to yourself and watching what’s happening in your life when you’re with certain people.

Love, Mom


Personal Coaching

Couple/Partner Coaching

Executive Coaching

Corporate Consulting

Retreat Facilitation

Coaches Training

Personal Coaching:

Personal Coaching provides a platform for accountability whereby you make promises to take specific actions that lead to producing specific results.  Personal Coaching then becomes a collaborative effort where 1+1 does not equal 2, 1+1 equals possibility, or Beyond Ten!

“Having a coach is like having someone who’s only job is to ask, ‘What does this person need to be their best self?’  As your coach, it is my job to see the world through your eyes – and because I do not have the emotional attachment that you have to your own life, but I do have an unrelenting commitment to your success – we can look together for solutions that you can’t see on your own.  An important element of my coaching is the space of acceptance I create with my clients.  With this as the background, clients know they can say and express anything without being judged.” – Thea

Personal coaching is for you if:

  • You are at a place in your life where you want to move yourself further along than you are able to do by yourself.
  • You are dealing with something in your life and you need help in seeing where you are being stopped.
  • You have an area of dissatisfaction in your life and you are unable to resolve it.
  • You are ready to look at and work on what is next for you.

Personal coaching fees are $300/hour.

Couple/Partner Coaching:

When you are in partnership – romantic, business or otherwise – you and your partner will have different perspectives or points of view.

When I work with partners or couples, my job is to translate.  The magic lies in being able to understand many “human languages” and translating what people are saying so that the other person hears it the way the person speaking it intended. ” –Thea

Couple/partner coaching is about each party being heard.  When people are heard, powerful communication can happen, and when powerful communication happens, challenging and difficult issues can be resolved.

Couples/Partner Coaching is for you if:

  • You are in a relationship and you are not as happy as you know you could be and the attempts that you have made to sort it out have not produced the results you are seeking.
  • You want your relationship to work and you are not ready to give up.
  • You want to take your relationship to the next level.
  • You want to resolve the uncertainty regarding the future of your relationship.

Couples/Mediation coaching fees are $300/hour.

Executive Coaching:

Executive Coaching supports executives in being highly effective, visionary leaders.  For most executives, this means less doing and more empowering of others.

“By shifting the focus from producing results to empowering people, executives instill commitment and loyalty in their employees, which leads to extraordinary results.” – Thea

Executive coaching is for you if:

  • You have a successful business and you are committed to taking it to the next level.
  • You have an area of ineffectiveness in your business and you are unable to resolve it.
  • You have an offsite or retreat that needs facilitation.
  • Your staff and/or management team need initial and/or ongoing training and development.

Executive coaching fees are $300/hour.

Corporate Consulting:

Generally, corporate consulting is done on-site.  The company may have a specific goal or project or it may need help identifying a problem and/or solutions.

Corporate consulting is for your organization if:

  • The results of the organization are not satisfactory.
  • An acquisition occurred and the culture of the organization needs to be integrated.
  • There are weaknesses in the following areas and training is required: Customer Service,  Sales, Management
  • The company is looking to align its leadership groups and, as a result, exponentially expand the effectiveness of the organization.
  • The company is seeking someone to facilitate its corporate retreats or trainings.

Corporate Consulting Fees vary based on the scope of the work. Contact thea@beyondten.com for details.

Retreat Facilitation

Beyond Ten offers  breakthrough retreat facilitation services for For-Profit and Not for-profit organizations. Our services are created to meet the specific needs of your team and your business. The consulting work for your organization is custom designed based on the information you provide us during in depth interviews and from provided questionnaires.

Our unique works brings your team together in a way that motivates them to be their best and to bring out the best in each other. During these powerful retreats, participants are given practical techniques for expansion and new and effective tools for communication. When these dynamics are integrated- happiness and satisfaction are present at work- and results exponentially skyrocket.

Retreat Facilitation Fees vary based on the scope of the work. Contact thea@beyondten.com for details.

Coaches Training:

The Coaches Training is a rigorous 6-month program designed for people who are committed to having a career in coaching.  An investment of 4-10 hours per week is required for the duration of the program.

For further details on the Coaches Training, contact thea@beyondten.com.

Meet Thea

Meet Thea Sommer

Thea is a world-class master coach and international leadership consultant with 30 years of experience as an Olympics-level trainer in the arena of human transformation.  She is the creator of Beyond Ten, a proprietary coaching methodology designed to empower her clients – individuals, couples, small organizations and large businesses – to create results beyond what they have been able to achieve on their own.

For the past three decades, Thea has guided hundreds of people and organizations from around the world in creating extraordinary breakthroughs in their work and in their lives.  Her love of people and commitment to making a difference are a source of energy and value to her clients, who come to her with a myriad of goals they’d like to accomplish.

Thea’s own life story is proof that challenging circumstances can be stepping stones to extraordinary fulfillment if they are harnessed in the correct manner.  Thea has dedicated her life to helping people from all backgrounds and circumstances succeed and transform their lives, as she has, in the face of difficult life and work challenges.

She is the mother of two beautiful boys, Benjamin and Jeremy.