Meet Thea
Thea Sommer is a world-class master coach with 30 years of experience as an Olympic-level trainer in the arena of human transformation. She is the creator of Beyond Ten, a proprietary methodology designed to empower her clients – individuals, couples, small organizations and large businesses – to create results beyond what they have been able to achieve on their own.

For the past three decades, Thea has guided hundreds of people and organizations from around the world in creating extraordinary breakthroughs in their work and in their lives.  Her love of people and commitment to making a difference are a source of energy and value to her clients, who come to her with a myriad of goals they’d like to accomplish.



Thea’s own life story is proof that challenging circumstances can be stepping stones to extraordinary fulfillment if they are harnessed in the correct manner.  Thea has dedicated her life to helping people from all backgrounds and circumstances succeed and transform their lives, as she has, in the face of difficult life and work challenges.

She is the mother of two beautiful boys, Benjamin and Jeremy.


About Beyond Ten

Beyond Ten is a coaching and consulting firm which specializes in offering unique and often unforeseen opportunities for personal and professional development.  Born out of one woman’s passion to transform the world she lives in, Beyond Ten has extensive experience guiding its clients toward breakthrough results.

Beyond Ten clients find their way to us for reasons as diverse as our clientele. Some are dealing with a major issue like restructuring their marketing department or starting a new venture.  Others come for coaching because they are stuck in their current business or want to design a career change.  Other clients work with Beyond Ten because they want to resurrect a failing marriage or create a life post divorce.

Some clients come to Beyond Ten because they want to be the best they can be, they’ve heard about coaching, and they know there’s something for them to discover.  Other clients know exactly what they need to do in their lives, and for some reason, time and time again, are not taking those next steps; so they’re willing to commit time, energy and money to invest in a coach to work with them to bring out the best in themselves.

What our clients have in common is their commitment to creating results in their personal lives, their partnerships, or their organizations. That energy, coupled with our mastery in coaching and our commitment to empowering our clients to achieve their goals, consistently results in levels of joy and productivity that surpass expectations. Our clients find they have all they need to realize their goals and dreams, and to live deeply satisfying and balanced lives, across the board.

Thea’s end of year message as the Corporate Coach to the Team Members of her client, FOH.