This is an interactive three-month course for middle to upper level managers and executives, with the intention to cause the people who work with and for them to be productive, self-generative and accountable.  As with all of our programs, we are not just looking for a 10 on a 0-10 scale. We believe in taking employees “Beyond Ten.”

This course is for the individual whose job is accomplished via the success of other people and/or who has other people reporting to them.

Course Information

The participants will:

  • Be developed to set up structures which will inspire their employees to be independent in designing and fulfilling their goals
  • Learn about the different aspects of communication, allowing them to listen and speak in ways that motivate and elicit the best in their employee
  • Be trained to design and manage structures which allow for enhanced productivity and consistency regarding the ongoing effectiveness of their employee
  • Be developed as a coach enabling them to deal effectively with the daily issues that arise as a function of being a manager
  • Be coached in the arenas of time management and project management, leaving them with a sense of being on top of all of their responsibilities and with a sense of overall balance and accomplishment


  •  4 to 8 participants
  •  Three 1-day meetings every 6 weeks
  •  Weekly, 1-hour group coaching calls
  •  Bi-weekly individual feedback reports

Scheduling a course:

If you are interested in scheduling a course for your organization or if you have questions, please contact Thea Sommer at (786) 803-8674 or .