How does the coaching work?

Clients generally work with us by phone, in two complementary areas: what we call the spatial and the structural.

The spatial is your internal “space” – how you’re doing, what you’re concerned about, what you’re focused on, what you’re happy about, what you’re worried about, what’s in the front of your mind, the back of your mind – just really how you’re doing.

Your work with us is equally focused on how the structures in your life are set up in terms of you producing what you want. Structures could be the way that you communicate with people or the way that you manage or monitor the hours in a day. Structures are the processes of your life as they look from an outsider’s point of view, they have nothing to do with what’s going on for you internally.

If a person’s “space” is great but they don’t have structures to support what they are committed to, then they are not at the top of their game. And at the same time if someone has great structures in place, but they are off spatially – they are also not in the zone.

Our work with our clients is always two-fold. The first piece, the spatial, is providing an environment for clients to communicate and deal with all elements of their lives which might be negatively impacting their performance. The second piece, the structural, is designing, implementing, and managing structures that allow for peak performance and satisfaction in a client’s life or organization, and providing a means of accountability.

What benefits can I expect from coaching?

Because the Beyond Ten Approach encompasses the whole person and includes every aspect of life, benefits often far exceed the original reason that people choose to engage in this process.

Many of our clients share how they came to us with marriage issues, and wound up not only creating outstanding marriages but also found themselves with undreamed of professional success and financial abundance. The inverse is also true: corporate leaders have sought out our services to improve leadership and organizational performance and found as a result of our work with them that their home lives had been positively transformed as much as their businesses.

What is the process of beginning coaching?

We start with a 20 minute call to determine if we are “right” for each other. Sometimes people come on this interview call and they are clear they want to get started. Sometimes people just want to find out what we do and get a sense of it. Once a mutual decision has been made to work together, a questionnaire is sent out, filled out and returned to us. This is followed by the first foundation call during which we set up a coaching structure that works for you.

How long does the process of coaching normally take?

There is no way to say. It is different for each individual or organization. It depends on what people are up to in their life.

What are your coaching fees?

Personal Coaching, Couples Coaching and Executive Coaching Fees are $450/session.

Business Consulting Fees vary based on the scope of the work. Contact for details.