• Are you OUT but still feeling a struggle inside about your sexual orientation or gender identity?
• Do you feel your relationship with your family, friends, or colleagues is affected in some way because you are LGBTQ?
• Is everyone else good with you but yet you still feel something is just not quite right?
• Do you find yourself living to satisfy everyone else’s expectations of you?
• Is your life going well but you feel that you are still not “whole?”
• Are you OUT to some in your life but want to be OUT to ALL?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then this is the workshop for you! The FREEDOM WORKSHOP will include:

Group discussions led by Thea Sommer, world-class master coach with 30 years experience and respected LGBTQ leader, individual exercises, paired sharing and a one hour lunch break. You may bring your own lunch or go out to a local restaurant.

This course does not currently have a scheduled date. If you are interested in being notified when we open one, please send us an email to thea@beyondten.com and you will be notified.